Vagrant story( 2000)

Vagrant Story was primarily developed by the team responsible for Final Fantasy Tacticswith Yasumi Matsuno serving as producer, writer and director. In the prologueAshley is blamed for murdering the duke, and the game discloses the events that happen one week before the murder. Vagrant Story is unique as a console action-adventure role-playing game in that it features no shops and no player interaction with other characters; instead, the game focuses on weapon creation and modification, as well as elements of puzzle-solving and strategy.

The game received critical acclaim from gaming magazines and websites. Characters and sprites are proportionate with each other, and the player navigates Ashley on a three-dimensional field map. Navigation is in real-timeand areas accessed by the player are stored in an in-game map menu. Ashley can run, jump, and push crates and cubes to navigate around obstacles, adding puzzle and platforming elements to gameplay.

When the player returns to a completed block puzzle room, a time-attack mode called "Evolve, or Die!! Players must reach the end of the room in the shortest time possible, after which they are ranked. This stage is optional and can be turned off from the menu. In the field map, players may engage the enemy as soon as they enter Battle Mode, which uses a pausable real-time combat system, much like Square's Parasite Eve Individual body parts within this sphere can be targeted.

The battle system involves the player chaining different attacks known as Chain Abilities to achieve large combos and deal damage to the enemy. This is done by pressing buttons in timely succession, making combat resemble a rhythm game.

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Ashley also gains Break Arts, which exchange his hit points HP for increased damage. Magic in Vagrant Story is learned later in the game using Grimoires that are dropped by enemies. Once a Grimoire is used, the magic spell associated with the Grimoire will remain in the menu, and players only need to spend magic points MP to cast a learned spell.

Magic spells can be used to attack, heal, create status effectsand manipulate Ashley's elemental and enemy affinities. Certain magic spells allow the player to affect multiple targets by using a small sphere positioned within the Battle Mode wire frame.

Unlike physical attacks however, magic attacks cannot be chained.

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Risk is an essential element in the battle system.Browse our picks. Visit our Black History Month section. Title: Vagrant Story Video Game Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games.

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See our Video Games Guide for more. See the full gallery. Valendia is a land that had undergone civil war, the end of which had birthed the parliament and several organizations to control the balance of power. However Ashley is not the only person interested in the city, and other factions of the government, including parliament assigned Knights of the Crimson Blade and other VKP agents are pursuing their own agenda.

Vagrant Story is a true work of art in the gaming industry. Visually, it sports the most impressive graphics on the PS1. The environments, inspired largely by French medieval towns, are beautiful, as are the character designs. Everything looks fantastic, and it holds up in this day and age of huge polygon counts and shader effects galore.

The music is also fantastic. Hitoshi Sakimoto has always wowed me with his scores for the Ogre Battle Saga games and Final Fantasy Tactics, and this is one of his best. This is where the game gets the most criticism, as many find the juggling of weapons and the management of risk and weapon affinities to be a chore. It's not, and the gameplay is very rewarding, especially when you become good enough to kill bosses in a single chain.

Yes, it's possible. The plot of Vagrant Story is also another high point in gaming history. When a cult known as the Mullenkamp sect lays siege on Duke Bordorba's manor, Ashley is called into action to lift the siege, along with the Crimson Blades, a brigade of knights working for the church. Ashley meets Sydney Losstarot, the cult's prophet and a mysterious man of great power.From the moment a player starts a new game they will be drawn into a story that is presented wonderfully by its graphics, music, sound effects, and overall gameplay!

Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker, who conducts his investigation alone into the forgotten city of Lea Monde. Lea Monde, now a shell of its former glory, housed more than 5, people during the Golden Age. Its prosperity ended 25 years ago when a powerful earthquake struck the city. High tidal waters rushed in to fill in the earth left by the earthquake, cutting the city off from the outside world. Above the waters, the land shifted and twisted, losing much of its former shape. Beneath the city, where monks had once worked the stone into chambers and passageways, the vast, labyrinthine tomb became a home for the souls of the dead.

The player will experience the crucial week during Ashley's visit to Lea Monde. What happened in this haunted city?

Only the player, as Ashley Riot, will be able to uncover the truth. Ashley becomes involved in a battle between his faction, known as the Valendia Knights of the Peace, and two other factions.

The other two factions being the Knights of the Cross, led by Romeo Guildenstern in charge of the Crimson Blades, and a cult by the name of Mullenkamp. The leader of Mullenkamp, Sydney Losstarot, is a self-professed prophet who preaches about human weaknesses and the end of the world.

During this journey Ashley must battle formidable enemies from skeleton warriors to dragons. To be successful at beating these enemies the player will have to assemble better weapons and develop Break Arts for these weapons. The more a weapon is used against a specific enemy type the better the affinity, for that specific weapon type, will become against that type of enemy.

This system has some real depth and makes the game even more fun.

[Vagrant Story]► mix- ОБЗОР Vagrant Story – этой Игре нужен Remake! + BONUS: Перевод Piligrimus Team

The player will also have to develop better armour to protect Ashley from all sorts of trouble in the dark depths of Lea Monde. This system of developing weapons and armour has serious depth, which makes this game even more amazing! Player will have to assign these abilities to the buttons on the controller.

vagrant story( 2000)

The player will use Chain Abilities by pressing the assigned button at the exact moment Ashley's weapon hits the enemy. If the player is successful, the attack will have an added effect. The player can link multiple Chain Abilities together if they continue pressing other Chain Abilities with perfect timing.

Learning to use this system is very crucial and is another reason why this game is such a classic. It's not just about hitting the same button over and over like a lot of hack and slash dungeon crawling games that have come out in the past. Vagrant Story definitely requires some dextrous ability with the controller.

vagrant story( 2000)

Ashley will also have to learn Magic in order to stay alive. There are five main types of magic classes each having its own list of spells. Vagrant Story has a very high replay value. Playing this game again you will develop Ashley's weapons and armour differently. Ready to battle powerful enemies, solve arcane puzzles, avoid traps, and find treasure chests to discover the truth?

Played only the intro, seems like a very engaging story and game. However only downside at the moment is that for a late year Squaresoft game, graphics seems of poor quality in comparison to other late Square PS1 releases, such as FFIX.

Copy obtained was very clean and complete. I recommend buying while the prices are still affordable, don't wait until you have to pay Suikoden II or Valkyrie Profile money.

Very good artwork and very unique 90s style RPG. You fight your way through the perilous depths of the dark and mysterious city of Lea Monde.

Once a beautiful town bustling with the voices of thousands of villagers now lies abandoned and derelict. A great earthquake shook this once proud community and has left it completely devastated.Released inVagrant Story didn't have the same fanfare or brand recognition as Final Fantasy or Chrono Crossbut it nonetheless became a classic JRPG due to its unique setting and risk-taking gameplay.

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On Twitterhe's released a couple of cryptic messages revealing that a Vagrant Story 2 had been in early development at one time, as well as an intriguing tease of a future title in the Vagrant saga. Check out his comments below:. Thank you for your impression. That idea was invented for the sequel to "Vagrant Story". I pulled out from the drawer for the first time in 20 years. Square Enix has been on something of a retro kick as of late. Maybe Matsuno's tease is related to Unsung Storyor maybe he's genuinely working to get Vagrant Story 2 off the ground.

Either way, Vagrant Story remains a singular work within Square Enix's sprawling pantheon of classics, and getting some sort of direct follow-up after 20 years would be an absolute treat for the game's passionate and dedicated fanbase.

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Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. But just you wait, just you wait!!Along his chase he is forced to battle numerous foul beasts, goblins, phantoms, and the undead infesting the corridors below. The battle system involves chaining different attacks known as Chain Abilities to achieve combos and deal damage to the enemy. This is done by pressing buttons in timely succession.

In this way, combat almost resembles a rhythm game, as not all attacks have the same timing. The player can target different areas of the body, and damage is done according to the part of body attacked and the affinity of the weapon used by Ashley.

The longer Ashley fights, the more his Risk raises, making it harder for him to concentrate. This lowers his accuracy but increases critical hitsbut at a certain point it becomes virtually impossible to hit anything. Defense Abilities allow Ashley to reduce or reflect damage or to avoid status ailments. A variety of spells can be used to attack, heal, buff, and debuff. Lastly there are the Break Arts —not unlike Limit Breaks in concept—which are powerful attacks that drain Ashley's hit points.

In addition to fighting, Ashley can run, jump, and push a variety of crates and cubes to get around impassable obstacles, adding a minor puzzle and platforming element to gameplay. The player will run into a variety of block puzzles that require solving to continue the story.

When the player returns to any room containing a completed block puzzle, a time-attack mode called "Evolve or Die" will begin, requiring the player to solve the puzzle and reach the end of the room in the shortest time possible.

A ranking will be given to assess the player's performance in solving puzzles. Vagrant Story has an in depth weapons and armor customization system. The simplest customization can be done in any place at any point, even in battle. Gems can be added or switched out of weapons and shields. In designated "workshop" areas, players can customize and create weapons and armor pieces that have different ranges, strengths, and statistics.

Weapons can be broken down into components for storage and put back together in the same or different combination. Most weapons have a hilt, weapon or blade component, and a slot for gems. Weapons fall into one of three main damage types: the familiar RPG classes of blunt, piercing, and edged. Each gem, armor, and weapon piece has additional "affinities". There are six "creature type" affinities and eight "elemental" affinities. Weapons gain the affinities of the enemies they are most commonly used to attack; armor gains the affinities of attacks it receives.

What a weapon or piece of armor gains in one area it will lose in another, though typically using a weapon will add more to its overall affinities than the weapon will lose, and item combination is usually favorable to the player.

In this way, no single weapon or shield is equally powerful against all foes. Powerful weapons and armor pieces can be combined, merging their affinities and possibly creating a new type of blade or armor. The key to defeating most foes is carrying a weapon of the right damage type. Inherent affinities add a considerable bonus, but are not as important as gems that improve affinities, and spells that imbue a weapon with an element are readily available.

The New Game Plus option is made available upon first completing the game.Work fast with our official CLI.

Vagrant Story (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01040]

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Contains a mostly working model viewer. Runs in browsers supporting WebGL, like Firefox. The viewer opens individual files obtained from a CD image which have to be extracted first from your copy of Vagrant Story. Reverse engineering is very rewarding. You get to know assembly, debuggers, system architecture, hacking live programs and much more. Making sense of undocumented file formats is great, kind of archeological fun. Vagrant Story itself is a unique piece of art, featuring an outstanding character and level design.

A prior version was written in Java, which can be found here. Skip to content. MIT License. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Git stats 77 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. Jun 13, Jun 11, Jun 21, Dec 1, Sep 15, View code.

Motivation Reverse engineering is very rewarding. Releases No releases published. Packages 0 No packages published. Contributors 2 morris Morris Brodersen. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.Elite Riskbreaker Ashley Riot tracks the bloodstained trail of a mysterious cult leader through the mystical city of Lea Monde, in this cult classic action-tactical-RPG hybrid from Squaresoft.

I wanted to like this game, the aesthetic is solid, the story is written in such an excellent manner with deliberate ye olde english translation, and the MOSTLY seamless cuts between gameplay and story leave it a lot to like.

However, the combat is the most mind numbing shit, and it was starting to reach more than the majority of time. It's literally just timing combat and then waiting for your risk meter to fall back down, and it's so pathetically easy otherwise. You use items whenever your risk or MP is down too much, but it's easier to just juke until it's all up again. It's so boring, and this isn't even mentioning the ridiculously disgusting menuing to swap to every weapon and etc. I'm being charitable with my stars here despite my issues, because it's clear a lot of passion and technical innovations were put into this work.

It's really hard to hate this game, or for me to flat out say I dislike it. But god I don't want to play it any further, at least not without cheating. I did so many playthroughs of this game when I had my PSX. I loved the twist and turns of the story, the weapon building and the mechanics! Hallmarks of these games appear in Vagrant Story regardless, namely a sharp focus on inter-character intrigue and on presenting several different perspectives of events as viewed from different interested parties.

Backs get stabbed, allegiances are shifted, and the player ends up questioning the motives of each and every character as the story progresses. Indeed, the main theme of Final Fantasy Tactics centers around whether or not an absolute view of morality is effective or desirable put another way, whether the ends justify the means as portrayed in the conflict between the idealist protagonist Ramza and his pragmatist friend-turned-rival Delita.

In a period where party-focused adventures were common and popular, Vagrant Story presents a lone hero whose only companions are his swords, sorcery and wits, and it is these that will see him through rather than the power of friendship; in a genre where young, hot-blooded protagonists were considered vital to appealing to the key demographic of Japanese boys and young men, we control an older, more experienced man with a defined past and a gruff personality.

Games of the era were all about bombastic graphical display and simple, easy-to-grasp plots that could easily lead to the next expensive cutscene or summon sequence. Your victories come through hard-fought, bloody combat rather than by summoning the biggest, most impressive god that destroys the world in the most complete manner…well, in theory anyway.

Click here for the full review Part of Squaresoft's series of "cinematic" RPGs for the Playstation, Vagrant Story is a spin-off of Final Fantasy Tacticsconnected only by the sheer weight of their creepy devil-worship-heavy storylines. Much shorter than the average Squaresoft RPG, Vagrant Story 's world design, character models, pacing, and cutscenes are all more reminiscent of a fantasy-themed Metal Gear Solid than Final Fantasyand the localization team behind the translation was thankfully competent.

Although hampered by somewhat sticky controls, the gameplay is an innovative mix of real time action RPG and tactical positioning, and the difficulty curve is steep enough at times to make a defeated boss feel extremely satisfying. A very under-appreciated classic. Why does this game do this, it never fails to demolish the mood set by something that happens within the space of five minutes before or after it.

Sunk another two-ish hours into this today, the story continues to be intriguing even if I'm predicting that Ashley killed his family and that's going to be the big revealbut the combat is leaving me fairly mixed. I don't really get the point of Risk other than to kill the flow when it's already a fairly slow-paced game, and it makes certain encounters already much more annoying than they could've been without it.

The fight against the golem is already going to be slow with the chip damage you deal, why drag it out by lowering your hit rate until you use an item and watch a ten-second animation? Also, the score screen is the most insanely jarring thing in existence and is completely at odds with the rest of the game's tone and its incredible transitions between cutscene and gameplay. I don't get why that exists either. Still absolutely incredible-looking and the story keeps giving me enough breadcrumbs to go along with it, though!

Hit the second save point, barely in the game proper, but this game's aesthetics and presentation kicks ass and the flavorful localization is as great as the premise. I can really easily see this combat getting sloggy, but it's neat-ish so far. Here's hoping it stays interesting.

What's with gen 5 and repetitious block puzzles in their design?

vagrant story( 2000)

It's not interesting, why does it feel the need to pad it out like that.


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